Cumbernauld Model Flying Club

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Important - CAA Registration - Urgent Action Required By All Members

We have now passed the 10th January cut off for registering through the SAA.

If you have not yet registered, you must do so by taking the test and paying the £9 fee on the CAA site.

Here is the guidance that has been issued by the club committee:

Chairman                              Secretary                              Treasurer

Kenneth Rexter                           Graeme Ross                               Ian Horn     

Date: 14 January 2020

To All Club Members


As you are all aware it is now mandatory for all pilots of drones and RC Aircraft to register themselves and take a test to get both a Flyer ID and an Operators ID.

You are required to pass an online theory test to get the Flyer ID. Once you have passed the test you will be directed to register for an Operators ID.

This must be completed by the 23rd February 2020. From this date your operators ID number must be displayed on your Drones or RC Aircraft.

As this is a legal requirement all members of CMFC are required to be registered on or before this date. If you have not passed by this date you will not be permitted to fly at the club.

It cannot be emphasised enough that you are responsible for ensuring that you comply with the requirements. To Quote the S.A.A. ”to be insured, you must register. No Operator ID and No Flying ID means No Insurance”.

The whole process is very simple and the test consists of 20 questions which have common sense answers. Once registered I would be grateful if you could contact Ian and let him know your Ops ID.

We are all here to support one another and enjoy our hobby safely, if anyone has a problem with registering or the test itself please give Kenny, Ian, myself or any of the committee a shout. We are here to help.


30th November 2019: DRES registration started.

23rd Feb 2020: All flying models to display Operator I.D. number.

June 2020: CAA and EU Regs put in place.

Flyer I.D. valid for 3 years

Operators I.D. valid for 1 year

Below is the original SAA guidance. Although we are now past the cut off date, the SAA would still like you to let them know your Operator ID and Flying ID by returning the form to the SAA membership secretary once you have registered.

SAA Guidance

SAA Form