Cumbernauld Model Flying Club

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10/3/21 Covid Update

Members of CMFC, as you’re no doubt aware, this coming Friday 12/3/21 the Scottish Government are relaxing some of the lockdown restrictions. This will allow the CMFC to reopen the flying field.

Your Committee reminds you to use your common sense & stick to the all the guide lines that have been in place from the start of this pandemic.

Can I also remind you that we need to keep our site sanitised from the general public by keeping our gate shut over at all times, strictly members only & no visitors.

Please remember to use our track & trace email, logging in on arrival & a again on departure.
Simply Name, date, time.

Hopefully the weather holds for those members who can get the use of the field.

Happy flying Gentlemen see you soon.

PLEASE NOTE if the information given proves to be wrong we will apologise in advance. NOTIFICATION WILL BE GIVEN ASAP.

CMFC Committee

4/11/2020 Club Fees are now due

Fees are now due for those who wish to remain members of the club. As we have been unable to hold an AGM to determine if any reduction due to Covid-19 could be agreed, the current rate of £43 per annum still applies.

Two methods of payment are available at present.
FIrst, members may download the membership form, complete the details requested, and post to the treasurer at the address on the form, enclosing the appropriate fee by cheque ONLY. If members wish their SAA fees to be paid via the club, this is at the reduced rate of £14.50 per annum, making a total payable to Cumbernauld Model Flying Club of £57.50.

The second option is to meet with the treasurer at the flying field and pay the required fee either by cheque as above, or in cash. An application form should be completed as normal.

Please download and print your own form where possible and complete prior to your visit. The treasurer has only a limited supply of forms available at any given time.

You can download an Application Form here.

It is hoped a specific date for attending the field for payment of fees will be arranged in the near future, and posted on this page.

24/10/20 Club AGM - Clarification 

Due to further restrictions re all licensed premises, including private social clubs, recently extended by the Scottish Government, the club AGM, scheduled to be held on Thursday 29th October 2020 at Burroughs Sports & Social Club is hereby postponed. 

Members will be advised via Royal Mail and further information on this website, of a rescheduled place, date & time as soon as it is possible to do so.

The Committee.

Covid 19 (Coronavirus)

28/9/20 Clarification

To remain legal with Scottish Government Covid compliant rules we have noticed we have not made it totally clear what is required from every member of CMFC wishing to use the flying field.

So to clarify what is required without exception is:

1. An email sent on arrival at the field

Joe Blogs 12.15pm 28/9/20

2. Another email sent on departure of the field

Joe Blogs 4.20pm 28/9/20

If you don’t have email/smart phone you can ask a flying buddy to assist to log you in & out.

22/9/20 Covid Update

The SAA has been working with Sport Scotland to provide new rules which will allow clubs to operate with up to 30 members from different households participating at a time. The new requirement is that each club must appoint a Covid Officer who must maintain contact details and attendance dates and times for all members using the club field to satisfy the Track and Trace rules. 

Given the difficulty of collecting this information with no access to the club cabin, it has been decided that the only option is to collect the information from members electronically.

Accordingly, your committee requests that notification of your presence at the field be carried out as follows:

Email to be sent to: with your name, date of visit and times of arrival and departure. For anyone who does not own a suitable device for emailing, or own an email address, requesting a fellow member to complete this on your behalf is, we believe, an acceptable alternative.

We would be very grateful if all members could comply with this measure, as it will hopefully enable us to continue our hobby without undue restrictions.

Note that this will continue unless and until any government regulations are amended, up to and including potential further lock down. 

Do not come to the club if you have any Covid symptoms but please do email the Covid Officer and let them know the position. Thanks.

The rules below will still apply.

1, Leave a 2 meter space between vehicle in the car park & do not sit in others car.

2, Bring your own PPE if possible wear a face covering & bring your own hand sanitiser (don’t share).

3, Our container & toilet will remain locked & off limits until further notice.

4, We will remove picnic benches to avoid members congregating around them.

5, We ask members to use only their own equipment (ie when at the start up benches) & ask that you remove all items ASAP to avoid accidental cross use by others.

6, It would be advisable to only bring a tried & tested model to avoid the need for others to fettle.

7, If you bring any foods & drinks we ask you don’t share with other members (harsh but fair) & make sure you take all items away with you don’t place them in the burner.

8, Should you require a seat please bring one with you & don’t share it with others members.

9, If you have to handle a model that’s not yours (ie if you are teaching ) sanitise your hands & remember to keep 2 meters between pilot & student.

10, We ask that you close the field gate (don’t lock) once you’re in to avoid the public driving in.

11, speaking to the SAA they recommend every member bring a first aid kit, & make sure you have your ICE ( In Case of Emergency ) contact set up on your Mobile phone, or a contact number in your flight box.

When you arrive at the field you will notice Yellow markings on the fence these are to aid car spacing please park BETWEEN the YELLOW LINES don’t park in front off the spaces with a RED CIRCLE on the fence.

You will notice every bench has a centre line dividing it allowing only 2 members to use them on opposite sides where an arrow denotes where you should operate from, the pilot stance also has arrows spaced at 2 meters apart, there is 4 RED circles painted on the grass just to the left of the path leading to the pilots stance this is simply a physical representation of what 2 meters squared looks like if 4 people were as close as they are permitted, we have marked the path with 2 meter spacing lines again for reference, you will also see social distancing signs at the pilot stance & start up benches.

Please familiarise yourself with all markings & help us play as safe as we can.

As you can see these are simple common sense requests for all our members safety.
So let’s play safe & have fun, see you all soon.

CMFC Committee

6/10/20 Indoor Flying

Due to Covid, our venue for indoor flying is currently closed so there will be no indoor flying for now. We will let you know if the situation changes.

CAA Registration

It is now illegal to fly a radio controlled model without being registered with the CAA and having your operator number displayed or easily accessible on your model.  Flying without an Operator ID will therefore invalidate your SAA insurance and you will be in breach of club rules. If you have not yet registered, you must do so by taking the test and paying the £9 fee on the CAA site before flying.