Cumbernauld Model Flying Club

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Superb winter video of flying field and surrounding area, by TamRaBam


  SAA Members Information sharing

Dear Member

 Further to the result of the recent members voting and having now been ratified at the SAA AGM, the SAA Council are now working closely with the management team of the BMFA to bring both Associations together to re-establish the long standing affiliation. 

This will take a few months to fully conclude however we have already agreed in principle a number of benefits to the SAA members and a joint Insurance cover for 2023 encompassing both BMFA and SAA members has been secured and a copy of the Insurance certificate is now available to view within the SAA Website.
This joint Insurance will give SAA members (and clubs) the same, higher level of cover which previously was only available to BMFA members.


In order to ensure ALL Scottish members enjoy the same status and benefits, the BMFA management have agreed that the SAA will 'manage' the Scottish area and membership fees for 2023 (if paid via the SAA) will be at the SAA rate of £35 for Adults / £43 for a Family membership and £18 for Junior membership.

Membership forms for current SAA members have already been distributed, however BMFA members can also pay their 2023 membership (reduced to SAA rates) directly to the SAA membership secretary by following the information provided on the SAA website at or if in doubt by emailing: 

The BMFA management team will be contacting Scottish based BMFA members directly to advise them how to pay 2023 fees.

To facilitate the integration of the SAA members into the BMFA membership systems, which will allow access to a Scottish section of the BMFA web portal and ensure members receipt of bi-monthly magazines and other benefits, it will be necessary for the SAA to share members personal details with the BMFA.

Included within this email is an electronic link to a document, (which you are asked to complete as soon as possible and 'SUBMIT')  which will allow SAA members to authorise the SAA Council to share this information with the BMFA.  This is required to ensure the SAA complies with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

If we do not receive your authorisation, we cannot share your details and your membership status will not be confirmed.  Members who have already paid the SAA fees for 2023 will also be required to complete this document to provide agreement to share personal data. If anyone requires guidance on this matter please email for assistance.

The winner of the Alan Ward Memorial Trophy at the club Warbirds day last Sunday, John Lang, for an excelent flight with his Spitfire.

Congratulations John.


Welcome to the website of the Cumbernauld Model Flying Club. We are one of the larger clubs in Scotland and have members with a wide range of interests including model planes, helicopters and multi-rotors. We welcome newcomers, whether they are experienced flyers moving into the area or beginners getting started in the sport.

We have access to our field seven days a week. On weekdays, you will usually find some members in attendance from around lunchtime if the weather is reasonable. At the weekends, we normally see higher numbers. Sunday afternoons tend to be busy all through the year unless the weather is really poor.

We welcome beginners and try to help all newcomers to model flying. If you are just getting started you should come up and visit us as early in the process as possible. We can give advice on what to buy and what to avoid, answer any questions you have while building or assembling your model, check out your completed model, test fly and trim your model and start teaching you how to fly it. Please read the beginners section for more details.

The easiest way to contact us is to visit the field and chat to the flyers there on the day. Try to pick a day that's dry and not too windy and, if you've already bought something, bring it with you. There's no need to join the club at this stage. Alternatively you can contact the Membership Secretary or the Webmaster through the contacts supplied on the Location/Contacts page.

Learning to fly a model on your own can be a frustrating and expensive experience. Don't let it be! Come and join the club and we will show you how to fly safely and responsibly. If possible, we will teach you on a "buddy box" system where an experienced pilot can take control immediately at the touch of a button if you are in trouble.

The club supports the Scottish Aeromodellers Association(SAA) flight training scheme and you will initially be trained to "Bronze" standard before being allowed to fly solo.

Importantly, by joining the club, you will be covered by the SAA's third party insurance while you fly and train.