Cumbernauld Model Flying Club

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Welcome to the website of the Cumbernauld Model Flying Club. We are one of the larger clubs in Scotland and have members with a wide range of interests including model planes, helicopters and multi-rotors. We welcome newcomers, whether they are experienced flyers moving into the area or beginners getting started in the sport.

We have access to our field seven days a week. On weekdays, you will usually find some members in attendance from around lunchtime if the weather is reasonable. At the weekends, we normally see higher numbers. Sunday afternoons tend to be busy all through the year unless the weather is really poor.

We welcome beginners and try to help all newcomers to model flying. If you are just getting started you should come up and visit us as early in the process as possible. We can give advice on what to buy and what to avoid, answer any questions you have while building or assembling your model, check out your completed model, test fly and trim your model and start teaching you how to fly it. Please read the beginners section for more details.

The easiest way to contact us is to visit the field and chat to the flyers there on the day. Try to pick a day that's dry and not too windy and, if you've already bought something, bring it with you. There's no need to join the club at this stage. Alternatively you can contact the Membership Secretary or the Webmaster through the contacts supplied on the Location/Contacts page.

Learning to fly a model on your own can be a frustrating and expensive experience. Don't let it be! Come and join the club and we will show you how to fly safely and responsibly. If possible, we will teach you on a "buddy box" system where an experienced pilot can take control immediately at the touch of a button if you are in trouble.

The club supports the Scottish Aeromodellers Association(SAA) flight training scheme and you will initially be trained to "Bronze" standard before being allowed to fly solo.

Importantly, by joining the club, you will be covered by the SAA's third party insurance while you fly and train.


If you are a recent drone owner, please check out the Dronecode page.

News and Diary Dates
Saturday Aug 12 - Sunday Aug 13

This site is open to all to browse. You only need to register or sign in if you want to add calendar events or photos (under the 'More' tag). You need to be a current paid up member of the CMFC to register. Please also drop a note to the Webmaster via Location/Contacts giving your name for checking. Thanks.

Please not that the "membership" bit of the site doesn't work very well. There has apparently been a building backlog of requests. If you are affected, you will get an email from the site asking for details. I am seriously considering removing the registration process completely as it gives practically no benefits and is a constant source of confusion. Please email me using the webmaster link on the Location/Contacts page if you have any views on this.